What is PShot?

PShot is a PowerShell Module to take screenshots that works in Windows 10 and WinPE 10. PowerShell version 5+ and .NET 4.0 are required

What does PShot stand for?

PShot is short for PowerShell Screenshot. I liked it because it is short and easy to type. If you prefer, you can think of it as PowerShell Hot (PS + Hot), or create an Alias so you can type in PowerShellScreenShot to run the Function.

PShot has absolutely nothing to do with bodily fluids

Where can I git PShot?

Well you can "git" PShot from GitHub

How can I install PShot?

Simply open PowerShell and enter the following command

Install-Module PShot -Force

Or browse for it on PowerShell Gallery

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