🆕OSD January Update


I've enjoyed taking some time off OSD to catch up on things going on in the office, and at home, but I have quietly been working on some updates for OSD and I thought I would share them. Keep in mind these changes will not be released until after Microsoft publishes today's Patch Tuesday updates.

PowerShell Module Updates

  • OSD

  • OSDSUS 22.1.11

New Functions

  • Get-GithubRawUrl

  • Get-GitHubRawContent

  • Resolve-MsUrl

OSDCloud Azure Blob SAS Images

This update includes support for an Azure Blob SAS Url as the ImageFile thanks to some modifications from Iain Brighton

The downside of this is you now have a long URL that you won't remember, so you will probably want to put this in a script. The really really bad news is that this will be in plain text and that isn't a good thing. I'll address in an upcoming post


This simple function is performing a simple conversion of the URL provided and returning the RAW link. One cool thing about this is that it will return multiple URL's when linked to a Gist with multip scripts


This function takes a URL and returns the RAW content (using the Get-GithubRawUrl function)


This new function will resolve Microsoft aka.ms or fwlink URL's

It's actually quite a simple function you can easily do on your own

PS C:\> (Invoke-WebRequest 'https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkID=2182910' -UseBasicParsing -Method Head -MaximumRedirection 0 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue).Headers.Location

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