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I've been spending a fair amount lately playing around with running PowerShell scripts that are saved on the internet and I thought it would be helpful to share what I have leared on this ... so this guide will be focused on executing PowerShell scripts that are saved on the Internet, what I call a PSCloudScript


The method for running a PowerShell script on the internet is to get the raw content of a URL using Invoke-RestMethod, and then execute the result using Invoke-Expression

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $Uri | Invoke-Expression

The following command lines are identical to the method above, just formatted differently. My preference is iex(irm $Uri) as it is short and works for both PowerShell and CMD with minimal effort

#full command
Invoke-Expression -Command (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $Uri)

#using alias
iex(irm $Uri)

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $Uri | Invoke-Expression

#pipeline using alias
irm $Uri | iex
Command Prompt
rem full command
powershell Invoke-Expression -Command (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $Uri)

rem using alias
powershell iex(irm $Uri)

KeyVault Secret Method

I'm jumping ahead here, but here is the command line for executing a PowerShell script saved as an Azure Key Vault Secret

iex(AzKeyVaultSecret $VaultName $SecretName -As)


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