SSL Binding

Azure Function App

Open Private Key Certificate

Now that you have added your Custom Domain, you will need to create an SSL Certificate for proper HTTPS redirection. Complete the following steps

  1. TLS/SSL settings

  2. Private Key Certificates (.pfx)

  3. Create App Service Managed Certificate

Create Private Key Certificate (.pfx)

  • Select your subdomain from the combo box

  • Press Create

Add TLS/SSL Binding

  1. Select Custom domains

  2. Add binding

  3. Select your Custom domain from the combo box

  4. Select your Private Certificate from the combo box

  5. Select the TLS/SSL type from the combo box

  6. Press Add Binding

Set HTTPS Only

  1. Custom domain should have an SSL Binding

  2. Toggle HTTPS Only: On

Test Custom Domain

Give it a quick test with and without HTTPS

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