Azure Function

Get started by creating a new Function App in Azure Portal

Create Function App

  • Resource Group - Create a new one or use an existing Resource Group

  • Function App name - <Give it a good name>

  • Publish - Code

  • Runtime stack - PowerShell Core

  • Version - 7.0

  • Region - <your decision>

  • Next - Hosting


  • Storage account - <Create new or choose an existing>

  • Operating System - Windows

  • Plan type - Consumption (Serverless)

  • Next

Optional Settings

Continue through to create your new Azure Function App. The remainder of the settings don't have an impact on the Function

Enable Proxies

The first thing you should notice is that Proxies is disabled. Complete the following steps

  1. Proxies: Disabled

  2. Configuration

  3. Function runtime settings

  4. Runtime version: ~3

  5. Save

  6. Refresh

  7. Refresh the Function App blade in your browser (not shown)

  8. Overview

  9. Restart

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