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So now is about the time that I address what Content-Type is and how it relates to hosting PowerShell files on the internet. To demonstrate this, I'll create an Azure Static Web App

Azure Static Web App

Azure Static Web App is a service that can publish a GitHub Repo to an Azure Web using GitHub Actions. You can learn more at the following links


The configuration is very simple, I used defaults for most settings

GitHub Actions

The first time I ran this it failed because I didn't have an Index.html in the root of my GitHub Repo, so make sure you check the Job for any errors

So I simply created a copy of a PowerShell script and saved it as Index.html in the root of my Repo and had the Build and Deploy Job run again

Browser Test

Once the Azure Static Web App build finally completed, my PSCloudScript GitHub Repo was published at the following link

Opening this in Chrome shows all of the PowerShell formatting is lost

Additionally, when I navigate to the URL of one of my PowerShell .ps1 files, I'm prompted to download the file instead of viewing the content in Chrome. This is not the same results that I received when viewing the content on GitHub's Raw links

The reason why the PowerShell script saved as HTML, and the .ps1 file don't render the same as they do in GitHub Raw is because of the Content-Type. A quick check of the different URL's with Invoke-WebRequest confirms this. These files are absolutely being rendered based on their Content-Type

PS C:\> (Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing'Content-Type'

PS C:\> (Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing'Content-Type'

#GitHub Raw Test-PSCloudScriptAzStaticWebApp.ps1
PS C:\> (Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing'Content-Type'
text/plain; charset=utf-8

Azure Static Web App Config

To keep the PowerShell formatting in the .html and the .ps1 file, it is necessary to change the Content-Type to text/plain (the same as GitHub Raw). To change this on an Azure Static Web App, I can simply create a file called staticwebapp.config.json in the root of my GitHub Repo with the following settings

    "mimeTypes": {
        ".htm": "text/plain",
        ".html": "text/plain",
        ".json": "text/json",
        ".md": "text/markdown",
        ".psm1": "text/plain",
        ".ps1": "text/plain"

This configuration change is detailed in Microsoft Docs at the following link

After creating the config file and pushing it to GitHub, the GitHub Action will publish the content back to my Azure Static Web. Another test in Chrome shows the text/plain formatting in index.html, and the PowerShell file will now display in the browser rather than prompting for a download


If you are publishing PowerShell scripts to a Web Site, make sure you set the Content-Type for the files to text/plain if you want them displayed and rendered properly in a browser. Additionally, if you are publishing PowerShell scripts to an Azure Blob Storage, you can set the Content-Type to text/plain as needed using Azure Storage Explorer

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