June 9, 2022: HASMUG - OSDCloud Azure

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This session will demo how to use Microsoft Feature Updates to deploy Windows 10 or Windows 11 directly over the internet with a deployment infrastructure for just about any Virtual or Physical device. Azure Storage can be leveraged to deploy a custom WIM, and Azure KeyVault can be used to secure PowerShell deployment scripts.
The focus of this session is to detail solutions for OSDCloud Anywhere which will lead into OSDCloud Azure at MMS
  • Rule One
  • Public vs Private
  • Securing Azure Resources with KeyVault
  • OSDCloud Bridge
David Segura and Mike Marable will team up to show you different ways to work with OSDCloud and Microsoft Azure. The following area will be covered with some new content that hasn't been previously presented
  • Azure Storage: Boot Media
    • Public Boot Media
    • Private Boot Media
  • Azure Storage: Custom Images
    • Private Custom Images
  • PowerShell Cloud Scripting (DEMO)
    • Public (Azure Functions)
    • Private (Azure Key Vault)
  • Azure Key Vault for OS Deployment (DEMO)
    • Private Boot Media
    • Private Custom Images
  • Azure Functions for Autopilot
  • OSDCloud Sandbox (DEMO)
    • Public: Azure URL Shortener
    • Private: Azure Key Vault
  • OSDCloud Recovery Environment (DEMO)
    • Public: Azure URL Shortener
    • Private: Azure Key Vault
  • OSDCloud Secure USB
In this session you will learn how to integrate with OSDCloud with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). With Gary Blok's help, OSDCloud will be extended into a MEMCM Task Sequence for Enterprise Deployments. All your questions on supporting and customizing OSDCloud in an Enterprise will be answered
  • Firewall Requirements
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
    • WinPE Drivers
    • Driver Packs
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager
    • Boot Image Integration
    • Task Sequence Requirements
    • Task Sequence Integration
In this session, OSDCloud will be deconstructed and detailed in never before details to help you design the perfect OSDCloud deployment configuration. It all starts with creating the perfect WinPE to use as the starting point for the perfect bare-metal OS Deployment with drivers for any modern computer. After this session you will understand all of the OSDCloud Requirements and why they exist, as well as creating your own custom OSDCloudGUI
  • Inside the PowerShell Code
  • OSDCloud WinPE
    • Universal WinPE
    • CloudDrivers
    • Microsoft DaRT
    • Wireless
  • Drivers
    • Manufacturer Driver Packs (Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft Surface)
    • Microsoft Catalog
  • External Sources
    • Windows Insider
    • Windows Server
  • Offline Deployments
  • OSDCloudGUI Customizations
  • AutoPilot Registration
  • OOBE Customizations
May 20, 2022: NWSCUG - OSDCloud Azure

2021 Past Events

BIOS and Drivers: Past and Future
BIOS and Drivers: Past and Future
Inside OSDCloud will dive into the technical workings of deploying Windows 10 without any deployment infrastructure. Autopilot can be easily configured in OSDCloud, or using AutopilotOOBE for Azure Join. With the OSD Module, WinPE can be customized with PowerShell Gallery support, and full Dell / HP / Lenovo / Surface OS Deployment over the internet ... aka OSDCloud.
OSDCloud Windows 11 Test Drive with David and Mike! – Join David and Mike as they demo how to use OSDCloud to deploy shiny new Windows 11 Images from the internet! They’ll walk you through a demo to get you up to speed and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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