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I started OSDeploy.com as a way for me to document several of the things that I do related to deploying Windows for a large Enterprise. What is unique about my Enterprise environment is that while most of our systems are office based on the network, many systems are not and generally in disconnected environments, such as offshore on an oil rig.

This poses some challenges in our processes. We cannot deploy all computers using ConfigMgr, so we use a combination of CM, MDT, and Stand-Alone. Additionally, Windows 10 Feature Updates throw another complication into things.

David Segura



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HASMUG (Houston, Texas) - October 17, 2018

CTSMUG (Austin, Texas) - October 5, 2018

DFWSMUG (Irving, Texas) - August 24, 2018

CTSMUG (Austin, Texas) - August 3, 2018

Experts Live US (Houston Texas) - February 8-9 2018