OSDSoftware (Module)

OSDSoftware PowerShell Module

OSDSoftware is a PowerShell Module that is used to download some common software used in OS Deployments. It is published in the PowerShell Gallery at https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/OSDSoftware‚Äč

The following software is included. More will be added as needed in the future

  • Google Chrome Enterprise x64 (latest version)

  • Microsoft ADK 1803

  • Microsoft ADK 1809

  • Microsoft ADK 1809 WinPE Addon

  • Microsoft MDT 8456 x86

  • Microsoft MDT 8456 x64

  • Microsoft VS code User x64 (latest version)

  • Microsoft VS code System x64 (latest version)

OSDSoftware will always download the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft VS code

Adobe Acrobat Reader and Notepad++ will be added in a later release


Installation of the module through PowerShell is with the following commands

Install-Module OSDSoftware
Import-Module OSDSoftware -Force

Upgrading to a New Release

OSDSoftware includes a function that will Uninstall previous versions and Install the latest version. Simply use the following command