There are several OSBuilder functions, and they are grouped by commonality


  • Get-OSBuilder

    • Primary function used to define common variables

OSBMedia Functions

These functions are commonly shared between all the other OSBuilder Functions

  • New-MediaISO

    • Creates a bootable ISO of any OSBuilder Media

  • New-MediaUSB

    • Creates a bootable USB of any OSBuilder Media

  • Show-MediaInfo

    • Returns detailed information about any OSBuilder Media

OSBUpdate Functions

  • Get-OSBUpdate

    • Downloads OSBuilder Update Catalogs and Microsoft Updates

  • New-OSBUpdate

    • Creates a custom OSBuilder Update Catalog

OSMedia Functions

  • Get-OSMedia

    • Returns a PowerShell Custom Object containing detailed OSMedia information

  • Import-OSMedia

    • Imports an ISO into OSMedia

  • Update-OSMedia

    • Applies the latest Microsoft Updates to an OSMedia

OSBuild Functions

  • New-OSBuildTask

    • Creates a custom OSBuild configuration (JSON)

  • New-OSBuild

    • Executes a custom OSBuild configuration created with New-OSBuildTask

PEBuild Functions

  • New-PEBuildTask

    • Creates a custom PEBuild configuration (JSON)

  • New-PEBuild

    • Executes a custom PEBuild configuration created with New-PEBuildTask

Maintenance Functions

  • Rename-OSMedia

    • Renames existing OSMedia to Current Format

  • Repair-OSBuildTask

    • Repairs an existing OSBuild Task to the Current Version

  • Repair-PEBuildTask

    • Repairs an existing PEBuild Task to the Current version